The Art of Nature: Artist Christopher Marley Reimagines Nature’s Masterful Design

Pheromone, Christopher Marley, Mosaic, Bug Art, Insect Art, Taxidermy, Cicadas, Moth

The beauty in nature’s design can be found on land, in the air, and beneath the seas. House of Whitley captures the essence of that timeless beauty in the art of Christopher Marley, who is renowned internationally for the natural elements that are preserved in his work, and its brilliant use of color, pattern, and texture.

In all of his work highlighting the mystery and grandeur of Nature, Marley’s intent is subtle but clear: from ocean to atmosphere, from volcanic rock to butterfly’s wing, he wants you to understand and appreciate that we aren’t alone here.

This artist, designer, and naturalist personally selects each crystal, fossil, and gemstone he uses; he employs unique and entrancing materials—including birds, reptiles, insects, sea creatures, and plants—to create extraordinary pieces, as striking for their beauty and vitality as they are for the emotional responses they generate.


For Marley, art and nature are intertwined like music and dance. Each custom piece is designed to heighten the artistic and visual connection, to create empathy for the subjects of the work, to hone our ability to recognize and appreciate all kinds of beauty, and to derive pleasure and sensory stimulation from interacting with the natural elements he uses.

No organisms are harmed in the creation of Christopher Marley’s reclamation pieces: Utilizing a vast network of zoos, museums, and wildlife breeders, his masterpieces of once-living artifacts preserve these specimens with Marley’s trademark aesthetic, creating stunning, karma-free artwork: Each piece is truly unique, with some never to be repeated.

House of Whitley’s Christopher Marley collection testifies to the artist’s belief that, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, nature’s treasures surpass what man can duplicate.

Each crystal is one-of-a-kind; each pyrite and stibnite specimen is as uncut and unpolished as when first touched by man; each ‘artist select’ mineral creation employs a striking diversity of color families and sizes, celebrating the endless variety found in natural minerals.

Using a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and shapes, every signature Christopher Marley creation generates a spectacular and emotional connection with nature and the world that surrounds us.

Home or workspace; insect, animal, or mineral: House of Whitley and Christopher Marley present you with the extraordinary, the better to transform the ordinary.

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