From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Wood Slabs Bring Natural Elements into Your Living or Work Space

The Wonder Of Wood

Humans love natural and organic elements in our homes and workplaces: they give us a sense of peacefulness, calm, and most importantly, the feeling of being welcomed.

In part, our love of nature springs from a built-in connection we humans have for the outdoors. This extends to living natural elements (plants, flowers, coral, etc.), and to décor that was once alive, like wood, leather, and cotton. A growing awareness of the finite nature of Earth’s resources has added a sense of urgency to that pure design aesthetic.

House of Whitley gives new life to fallen trees in our collection of exotic wood slabs—pieces that can be reimagined as dining tables, countertops, custom seating, or breathtaking sculptures. Our wood slabs bring the outdoors in, with style that is both modern and timeless.

The interior of your home and office should be able to transform your mind and soul from feeling ordinary to extraordinary.

Formed By Nature, Fashioned By Man, And Finished By Hand

Natural elements should connect you to your interiors, and incorporate your preferences and style. Our wood slabs are cut from fallen trees found on private reserves in South America. Instead of creating perfect shapes, we’ve kept each piece’s original contours, as nature and the elements have crafted each slab, to let you experience its remarkable texture and details.

This is what is meant by the phrase “live edge,” which refers to the outer rings of the tree, its living part. The felled tree is cut into slabs and the entire slab is used, leaving the natural edge to flow together on each side and around every corner. The wood itself is a partner in the creation process.

Wood is one of the simplest and warmest natural materials, and maintains its life and sustainability for years to come in your home or office. We feature the most impressive selection of wood slabs ranging in size and shape—including round, oval, square, rectangular, and freeform—that can be transformed into a stunning piece to last for generations.

The first step to bringing natural elements into your living- or workspace is to choose materials that resonate with your own style and—even more importantly—your personal energy. Architects and interior designers prize live-edge wood elements, because of their power to command attention and to start a conversation. House of Whitley’s wood pieces possess a quality that transforms not just your interior space, but your mind and soul.

Each dramatic piece is one of a kind, with a unique personality that cannot be replicated. Unleash your imagination, and let unparalleled style permeate your home or workspace with our exotic wood slabs.

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