Inspirational Living with Extraordinary Fossils

Fossils tell a story: the epic story of our planet. The aboriginal form of natural art, fossils are the evidence of ancient life preserved by natural processes, but only a tiny fraction of life makes it into the fossil record.

Unique conditions and circumstances converged to help create House of Whitley’s exquisite fossils, reimagined as inspiring and inspired murals, tables, and sculptures. Earth’s Eocene Epoch began about 56 million years ago. (“Eocene” is ancient Greek for “new dawn,” a reference to the modern wildlife that appeared during that age of the world).

Southwest Wyoming contains the Green River Formation, an area that is particularly noted for preserving a variety of complete and detailed fossils. Over a century ago, Fossil Lake’s 50-million-year-old-secret was unlocked: a fossilized lakebed that was once teeming with fish and plants in an environment ideal for preserving undisturbed fossils. The climate permitted the preservation of palm fronds, insects, reptiles, turtles, birds, horses, and crocodiles.

Each one of these fossils have been unearthed by hand, and transformed into a stunning piece that will add an expression of permanence and certainty, as well as the grandeur of a museum-quality piece, to the right living- or workspace. Among the striking examples presented by House of Whitley:

  • Our rare Baena arenosa fossilized turtle—measuring a length of 36”, among the largest ever found—represents an extinct genus of turtles that was first identified during the Hayden Geological Survey of 1870. The unusual fully intact example is exquisitely preserved and presented in a rare, dark limestone matrix.
  • The fossilized Amia pattersoni fish mural is one of only 30 known examples in existence. Our incredibly detailed specimen measures 52.25”, this makes it one of the largest pieces ever discovered (the largest known example measured 54”). Capture this piece of pre-history.

Our fossils will transform the look and mood of any space—offices, studios, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Each fossil is a unique work of natural art, bringing to your living- or workspace the perfect window onto the past. House of Whitley fossils are masterpieces of beauty and conversation. Some of those conversations can last a lifetime.

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